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2018-19 Dance Department Dates:

Middle school Dancers

November 27th and 28th   8th grade Guest residency rehearsal

March 19th   8th grade Solos (8th grade)

April 3rd   SOA showcase (all dancers)

May 3rd and 4th    Departmental tech and show (all students)

High school dancers

October 2nd    Senior thesis Adjudication #1 (seniors and Jrs)

November 29th   Junior Comp tech and show (Jr’s and Sophomores)

December 3rd and 4th   Senior Thesis tech  (Seniors and Jrs)

February 19th   Senior thesis Adjudication (Seniors and Jrs)

March 19th   8th grade Solos (8th grade and freshman )

April 3rd   SOA showcase (Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors)

April 8th and 9th   Junior Comp Tech and Show (Juniors and Sophomores)

April 15th and 16th   Senior Thesis tech and show (Seniors and Juniors)

May 3rd  and 4th   Departmental tech and show (All students)

(TBA) One after school rehearsal for guest residency to set a piece.


September 20 Middle School dance day

October:  6th and 7th grade Myrtle Beach trip

December: 8th grade dance day

January 10th  Student choreography showcase

January 24th  Dancing with the Teachers fundraiser