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The CCSOA Dance Department is a ballet and modern based program with an emphasis on both technical mastery and creativity. Our goal is to provide students with the necessary skills and discipline to be successful as a dancer and a college dance student. While performing opportunities are available, the focus of the students experience is process-oriented. The well-rounded curriculum provides the movement, the technical skills, the creativity, and the knowledge demanded by college dance programs nationwide.

 The Dance Department Curriculum is based on the National and SC Dance Standards. SC Dance Standards are posted in the classroom and can be found on the State Department of Education website.

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6th Grade
· Dance Technique: ballet, modern dance, folk dance, creative movement
· Theory: Ballet dance history, creative dance, improvisation

7th Grade
· Dance Technique: ballet, modern dance, cultural dance forms, improvisation
· Theory: Introduction to choreography, Elements of dance, dance history

8th Grade
·  Dance Technique: ballet, modern dance, improvisation
·  Theory: Choreography, Creative Process, Dance History, Anatomy

9th Grade
Ballet 3:
• Dance Technique: Ballet, Modern, Point Work
Repertory 3:
• Theory: Modern dance history, Ballet History, World Dance Forms, Improvisation, Arts Advocacy

10th Grade
Ballet 4:
• Dance Technique: Ballet, Modern, Pointe Work
Repertory 4:
• Theory: Anatomy/Nutrition, Elements of Dance/ Laban Efforts, College Preparation, Choreographic Process

 11th Grade
Ballet 5:
• Dance Technique: Ballet, Modern, Commercial Dance Forms (tap, jazz, hip hop, musical theater)
Repertory 5/Junior Composition:
•Theory: Choreography/Creative Process, Improvisation, Post Modern/Present dance history, Dance for Camera, Somatics
•Book: The Creative Habit: Learn In and Use It For Life by Twyla Tharp

12th Grade
Ballet 6:
• Dance Technique: Modern, Ballet, Commercial Dance Forms (tap, jazz, hip hop, musical theater)
Repertory 6/ Senior Thesis:
• Theory: Production, Dance Research


6-8th Grade Females:

Ballet: Black short sleeve leotard, Pink tights, Black stretch dance shorts,Pink ballet slippers

Modern: Black short sleeve leotard, Black convertible tights, Black stretch dance shorts, Bare feet

6-8th Grade Males:

Plain white t-shirt, Black jazz/athletic pants, Black ballet slippers / bare feet for modern

9-11th Grade Females: black tank leotard, black tights, black dance pants, black capri pants, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, pink pointe shoes, black jazz shoe, foot thongs

12th Grade Females: same as above, but may include colored leotard, long black bike shorts

9-11th Males: white fitted t-shirt, black or grey tank, black fitted jazz pants, and black ballet slippers, black jazz shoes, dance belt

12th Grade Males: same as above, but may include black athletic shorts