DWTT Signature Event

Every major has a signature Fundraising event at SOA. We are starting ours next year…January 24, 2019 will be our first Dancing with the Teachers!

It’s kinda like that TV show…but not. Our dancers are of course the pros, and the teachers are the stars–any SOA student is allowed, not just dance majors. At the start of the year, students find a teacher to partner with. It can be a group up to 5, or just student and  teacher. They create a dance together of no more than 1-1/2 minutes. Any legitimate style of dance is fine, not just ballroom.

Then, at the event, a panel of 3 will judge and audience members can cast votes for their favorite by buying $1 tickets. Just who will be the first ever SOA Mirror Ball winner?? Stay tuned to find out…