What Our Students Say

Below are a few comments from high school student surveys
What opportunities has the dance program here at SOA offered to enhance your learning? 
  • I have been able to take classes taught by people I would have never learned from and am able to dance everyday.
  • Being here, at SOA, I’ve gained so much confidence.
  • They have offered field trips to get scholarships for college! Also they offer NHS for dance arts which is really cool!
  • I have been able to learn more about the history of dance and other dance styles that I don’t get to do in my outside dance classes.
  • The dance department has trained me very well in modern technique and allowed me to work with guest artists that have different styles such as Indian and ballroom. I also have learned to choreograph dances with guided prompts.
  • I got offered a full scholarship to dance intensive over the summer.
What is the difference between your dance studio and this school’s dance program? 
  • Dance studio is more about getting a move right and focusing on combos while our program is about learning to do this move and trying to become better than what we are.
  • The different styles and history lessons
  • My studio has very basic styles and SOA has different/not as common dance styles.
  • The dance program helps prepare for college and life opportunities and keeps me trained in modern. I get more difficult and intense training from outside studios and have different opportunities to showcase my abilities.
  • My studio focuses more on all styles and competition performing while SOA focuses on ballet, modern, and choreography.
We asked about favorite guest artists this year…the vote was split!
  • Brian was my favorite because he pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me be more connected to my body.
  • James the Latin dance teacher was very sweet and I loved his style of dance because it was very new and totally my style and so fun.
  • My favorite guest artist was Brian. Something about him and everything he said made me feel and see a different of dance and life! It was really cool to see that!!
  • I liked James the best because it was a new style of dance I had never done before and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.
  • Bryan taught me a brand new way of moving my body and he taught us the best combo that I have ever performed and I will never forget it. He’s crazy! I had so much fun that I couldn’t wait to go to dance everyday.
  • James! He was a great teacher and I just loveddddd ballroom it was so fun and I had never done it before so it was a really amazing challenge
Do you think its important to support your major? What benefits do you get from doing so? *
  • I think it is important to support your major because it shows we are fully dedicated and know how much work is put into it. You get more feel of the behind the scenes of the major and develop skills like teching, directing, and managing.