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Way to go SOA Dancers! Saturday’s Departmental was a beautiful display of your talent and hard work!

Congratulations to the following dancers recognized during the award ceremony after the show.

6th overall achievement: Mackenzie Meade
6th most improved: Lainey League

7th overall achievement: Maddie Boucher
7th most improved: Ashleigh Boyd

8th overall achievement: Logan King
8th most improved: Cyniah Green

9th overall achievement: Ivy Brown 
9th most improved: Nathaniel Green

10th overall achievement: Olivia Scolnick
10th most improved: Z’Nyah Nelson

11th overall achievement: Jasmine Jones
11th most improved: Sadie Vanderver

12th overall achievement: Sophia Katsibas
12th most improved: Kaitlyn Pinckney

Creativity 8th: Julia Hartman
Creativity 11th: Max Besta
Creativity 12th: Jennice Barr

Summer Study Slowinski Scholarships: 
Julia Hartman (8th)
Aya Puckett-Rinella (6th)