Residencies-High School

2018-19 High School:

Nina 39th grade: Dueninufay Dance Company with Ms. Nina from Feb 25-March 1st

Hello, I am African/Gullah Dance instructor and production director Ms. Nina. I live for the art of sharing dance with individuals because I love the way it uplifts the spirit of myself & the people who I get the opportunity to engage with.

I am proud to acknowledge that I’ve been honored in several newspaper articles in the Post & Courier, highlighted in a few magazines (Geechee One Magazine & Charleston Magazine) have paintings of myself dancing featured in art galleries and museums from Cuba to the U.S. created by a famous Cuban artist by the name of Reynier Llanes. I was granted the opportunity to help direct a Nickelodeon commercial highlighting Charleston’s history and culture this year (in which members from our dance company Deninufay starred in). I was chosen to be the face of a well-known festival of The University of North Carolina by the name of “People by the Sea” and was also broadcasted and featured on CNN in honor of Charleston’s 9 who died in the Charleston Massacre of the Emmanuel Nine. I am a living testimony that hard work really does pay off!

Currently, I am one of the co-owners/dance instructors of Deninufay African
Drum & Dance Co. and love working with our kids and also with my momma & siblings
in this extraordinary company. Recently I stepped out on faith and started my very own dance team/production on James Island by the name of “Turn Up & Dance
Productions”. There I teach kids the art of several different genres of dance such as
West African, stepping, hip-hop, ballet, contemporary, jazz, afro-beat, and also swing to name a few. I also implement the art of self-love, love and care for others and also
sister/brotherhood and building future leaders in my lessons as well. Recently a few
siblings and I came together and organized a new band by the name of “The De’Gullah Band”. Networking and connecting with different Artistic firms such as: Engaging Creative Minds, North Charleston Cultural Arts Department, The City of Charleston Cultural Arts Department and World Music Café is what I love to do on my spare time. While working with these different firms I am blessed with opportunities to visit several public and private schools in the Charleston/Berkley district and share my art form of West African Drum & Dance. Dance keeps me busy but because it is one of my passions it doesn’t feel like work at all. I am honored to represent my culture in a magnificent way.

10th grade James Jiang from Dec 10-14th

Afterschool on Wednesday December 12th, James Jiang is having his after school rehearsal from 330-530 for the Sophomore class.

11th grade Ashley Pagett from Jan 28-Feb 1st

Ashley Padgett Perry is a lifelong dancer who as a youth trained under Nancy Giles at Southern Strutt Dance Studio in Columbia South Carolina. In her years as a competitive dancer, Ashley placed both regionally and nationally at various competitions and was able to study under artists such as Dee Caspary, Ray Leeper, Mia Michaels, and technical guru Paula Morgan. Looking to continue her dance career, Ashley moved to Charleston, South Carolina where she auditioned for The Charleston Dance Project. After auditioning, Ashley was featured as a principal dancer and performed in their critically acclaimed shows “Ebb and Flow” and “Funktionslust”. In 2013 Ashley was selected to perform in the world renowned Spoleto Festival as a dancer in the Opera “Le Villi” . Ashley has since focused on her passion to create technically sound dancers and innovative movement and choreography through teaching in the Charleston area. Currently Ashley is working with Tapio School of Dance-Gymnastics, traveling as a judge for Stage One Dance, and is starting a new season of Artist Guest in Residence with Charleston County School of the Arts.
12th grade Brian McGinnis from Jan 7-11th

After school rehearsal for Seniors is Jan 8th.

Note: all HS dancers take class from each HS guest artist

**TBA: there will be one after school rehearsal for each residency**