Dancing with the Teachers


Our first Mirror Ball Winner was Mr. Southwick and the Ballerinas, followed by fan-fave winner Mrs. Bourgeois and the Boujee Bods. Right on their heels were dancers Mrs. Reid, Mrs. Bednarzyck and Mrs. Moschella. Every performance was star quality! Including the audience dance on stage while votes were being tallied.

A huge shoutout to everyone who made it work: our student dance “stars”, our entertaining MC’s Mr. Clark and Mr. Grant, Ms. T for heading this up, all the parents who volunteered and everyone who attended.

A few kind words about our event:

  • Dancing with the Teachers was a bonafide hit!  Entertaining and fun-hearted throughout. A good time had by all! Congratulations to the participants…especially to Mr. Southwick and The Ballerinas for taking home The Grand Prize and bragging rights! – Robert Grant, Vice Principal and MC
  • What a great event! Thanks for working out the details and infusing some teacher fun with the arts! – Shannon Cook, Principal
  • I had so much fun! I definitely think this needs to be an annual event. Thank you for coming up with the idea and letting me “dance”!  – Courtney Moschella, teacher and dancer
  • It was awesome! – Caroline Baker, Teacher

Want to see what it’s about? Here are the forms:

DWTT dance info sheet     DWTT rubric 2018     Dancing with the Teachers Checklist for student      Dancing with the Teachers student info

We WILL be back next year, so start planning NOW to be a part of the fun in 2020!