2022-2023 Mandatory Dance dates

It is that time of year where we have started planning for the 2022-2023  school year. As per our expectations for our students ALL students are required to participate in dance department calendar rehearsals and performances. Please see the list of events below. Students are NOT excused from their class rehearsals and performances because of conflicts with work schedules or out of school activities.

Please fill out the google form no later than July 1st 2022 https://forms.gle/wwp2CArcLX5HkKQ48

Middle school DancersHigh school dancers

Nov 15th: Winter dance showcase ( all students)

March 20 &21st  8th grade solos (8th grade & Freshman) 
 May 3-5th Departmental Tech (all MS & HS students)
May 6th Departmental show 6:30pm 

TBA: 8th grade students will have 2 after school rehearsals with a guest artist. 

Oct 17th:   Thesis Adjudication 4pm (Seniors & Juniors)
Nov 15th: Winter dance showcase (all students)
November 29th & 30th: Junior Comp ( Juniors & Sophomores)
December 6 & 7th:Senior Thesis (Seniors & Juniors)
March 6th:  Thesis Adjudication  (Seniors & Juniors)
March 20 &21st:  8th grade solos (8th grade & Freshman) 
April 5 & 6th: Junior Comp  (Juniors & Sophomores).
April 17 & 18th:  Senior Thesis (Seniors & Juniors)
 May 3-5th Departmental Tech (all MS & HS students)
May 6th Departmental show (all MS and HS students) 

(TBA) One after school rehearsal for each  guest residency to set a piece.

Other Dance/performance events:   (not mandatory but encouraged) for both HS and MS students 

March 22nd: Student Choreography Showcase : Open to 7th -12th grade students 

Feb 1st 2023: Dancing with the Teachers Fundraising event : Open to all dancers in Middle and High and all majors to participate. 

Feb 3-15th: High school Musical: Auditions in Sept, Show in February. 

Oct 18th-23rd: High school: Disney Imagination dance workshop field trip

March 1-5th  2023:  National High school dance festival for high school students  ** tons of classes to take plus scholarship and networking  opportunities with professionals and college/ university dance programs **