Deadlines THIS WEEK for 21-22 SOA Auditions

The deadline is THIS WEEK for 21-22 SOA Auditions for 6-11th grade dance!!  On February 26, 2021 the online and paper application window closes at 6:00 pm. Spread the word to your friends and studios, etc.
Fill out the form in the link below or click here to learn about School Choice

From the SOA website:
Dance—Virtual Audition
Dear Parents,
We look forward to receiving your child’s audition for Dance at School of the Arts. The following instructions are provided to help you and the student create a strong video for the SOA Dance Audition.
Level 1 Audition (SOLO video submission) – Must be submitted by 11:59PM on March 1, 2021
•At the beginning of the video the dancer must hold a sign with first name only, upcoming grade, if solo is self-choreographed or by someone (name the person), and School Choice ID# (will be sent to you via email) and state the information out loud.
•Video must be between 1 minute and 1min 30 seconds
•Must show the entire body in a video frame (not just upper body or lower body)
•Applicant must be the only one in the video.
•Any style of dance is allowed.
•Middle school solo can be self-choreographed OR choreographed by someone else (must name choreographer).
•High school solo must be self-choreographed.
•Student can use appropriate music, music without words (instrumental), or dance in silence.
•Can be filmed in a studio, outside, or in house, as long as it is somewhere there is space to move. (Cannot be a competition/ staged production video)
•Video must be recent (within the past three weeks).
•Must wear form fitted clothing/dance clothes (no costumes, no loose clothing)
Upload your video to the correct Google Form link below:
6th Grade Dance
7th & 8th Grade Dance
9th—12th Grade Dance

Level 2 Audition – based on Level 1 results (via Zoom)
Students who submit an exemplary prepared solo will be invited to a Level 2 audition.
Students who do not pass the level 1 audition will not move to level 2 audition.
Dance department will send out a link containing prerecorded combinations to the Level 2 dancer so he/she can learn and rehearse before the live ZOOM callback audition. Please note: Students are to be alone during the live Zoom audition without distraction. Once they are connected in Zoom, the parent/ guardian must leave the room.
Before the Level 2 Zoom audition, dancers, must be sure they:
•are in a large enough space to move
•wearing dance clothes/ tight fitted clothing
•show the entire body in a video frame (not just upper body or lower body)

Level 2 Zoom Audition will consist of the following:
•Ballet 1-2 combos (barre then center jump/turn then travel turn/jumps)
•Modern 1-2 combo (levels, swings, jump, triplet)
•On the spot improvisation/creative movement (no pre-recorded prompts)

Criteria for acceptance is based on flexibility, creativity and coordination. Students will demonstrate strength
and control, flexibility, coordination, physical energy, focus and following direction, musicality and self expression.