Important Departmental News

The date is set for Saturday May 5th @ 3:00 pm in the Rose Maree Myers Theater on the SOA Campus. Tickets will be on sale soon, an announcement will be made. First come first serve and general admission/seating. Please go to the SOA webpage: for further information.

We hope you will join us as we celebrate the wonderful talents of our students!!


Students will complete their spacing and tech for the show on Friday May 4th during school time. There is no after school rehearsal or tech on Friday.

**Pictures!**All Dance Classes will have their class pictures after they run their pieces on stage during tech rehearsal on Friday.

DRESS REHEARSAL: Call time for ALL dancers on Saturday May 5th is 11am.

In order to bring the entire department together for one big rehearsal, grades 6-12, there is going to be a dress rehearsal for all dancers on the day of the show (May 5th ). Students should report directly to the dance department and get in their first dance costume. There will be time for hair and makeup after the dress rehearsal run.

After the dress rehearsal, students will have time to rest and prepare for the big performance beginning at 3:00pm. The Dance Boosters will provide lunch for the students during a break. During that time students will be supervised, eat, rest, socialize, and complete pre-show prep. We are asking that students make sure they eat a good breakfast and bring other snacks and water with them as this will be a long day!! No students will be allowed to leave the SOA Campus on this day until after the awards ceremony.

***NO TARDIES!!!***

Students will be held in the dance studios, and supervised by teachers and parent volunteers. Your child should report to the following room:

6th Grade – Cline

7th Grade – Cline

8th Grade – Jones

9th Grade – Jones

10th Grade – Tillotson

11th Grade – Tillotson

12th Grade – Theater dressing rooms

**Boys will dress in the Boys dressing room in the dance department. Boys are not allowed in the dance studios during the dress rehearsal or show**


6th grade: Ballet piece

7th grade:  Latin dance piece

8th grade: Cline Piece

9th grade: Tillotson Piece

10th grade: Emily Piece

11th grade: Lauren Piece

12th grade: Jenny Piece


6th Grade – Circus piece

7th Grade –  Jones piece

8th Grade –  Terrance Piece

9th Grade – Greek Dance

10th Grade – Tillotson Piece

11th Grade – Tillotson piece

12th Grade – Graduation Piece


  • NO JEWELRY is permitted and must be removed!!
  • NO Finger/Toe Nail Polish!!
  • NO Additional Undergarments unless stated for a specific costume!!


Basic Make-Up for All Dance Majors:

  • Foundation or Powder
  • Pink shade of blush
  • Dark Brown (or color that compliments skin tone) from eye lid to crease of eye & white shadow highlight at brow bone
  • Mascara
  • Lip stick shade a little darker than natural lip color

Basic Hair Instruction for All Dance Majors:

** See specific grade for actual hair instruction**

  • No Wispies or hair in face
  • Hair items that match hair color

Costume List

All tights must NOT have any holes or runs in them. Pack an extra pair incase.

Grade /piece Student/Parent must provide SOA will provide Hair /makeup
6th guest piece (Ballet)


Black camisole leotard

Pink tights without holes

Pink ballet slippers

boys black slippers

Boys jazz pants

Boys compression shorts or dance belt

Some black camisole leotards

Red skirt

Hair piece

Boys t shirt

Hair in ballet bun with hair piece, slicked back
6th Mrs. Cline piece


Black camisole leotard

Boys compression shorts or dance belt



Some black camisoles

Boys joggers and shirt


Hair in slicked back mid pony tail
7th guest piece (latin dance)


Flesh toned leotard, bra, or brief for undergarments. Flesh toned footless tights. white leotard, white skirt Hair in a high pony tail
7th Mrs. Jones piece


Chosen blue/teal/purple top, pant, or dress. Black undergarments None some half up half down, some low ponytail, some braided
8th Mrs. Cline piece


Black camisole leotard

Boys compression shorts or dance belt



Black leggings

Colored tanks

T shirts

Black joggers


Hair in mid pony tail slicked back
8th guest piece (Terrance Henderson) Black camisole leotard

Boys compression shorts or dance belt


Harem pants

Assorted tops

Some gray leotards

Hair in low pony tail slicked back
9th guest piece

(Greek Dance)

Black camisole Leotard

Tan/skin colored footless tights

Togas Hair up and down
9th Mrs. T piece


Black camisole leo

Tan/skin colored footless tights

Red mesh coverup Hair in a low bun,
10th guest piece

(Emily Hart)


Black and white sneakers (no socks)

Black or Skin colored leotard

Red leggings, black shirt In a high pony tail
10th Mrs. T piece



Black and white sneakers (no socks), Blue pants, white t- shirt, hat, suspenders, Hair in a low bun ( so that can fit on head)
11th Guest piece

(Lauren Putty)


Normal pedestrian clothing, nude or black leo for under clothes

Bare feet

None some half up half down, some low ponytail, some braided your choice but not completely down
11th Ms T. piece



Black and white sneakers (no socks), Blue pants, white t- shirt, hat, suspenders, Hair in a low bun So that can fit on head)
12th Guest Piece

(Jenny Broe)


Black camisole leotard for under dress

Bare feet

Floral dress

Damon: Floral shirt and Blue shorts

Hair half up half down
12th Graduation piece Dress/costumes that is found by student

Bare feet

None Hair half up half down



After the show and awards reception, parents will meet their students in front of the theater only! Please no parents come back stage after the show. All Students will be sent to the front of the theater.

It is expected that all students be responsible for their costumes. They should be placed back on the hanger provided by the dance department, and hung on the clothes rack in their designated studio. No dance department costumes should go home with a student! All costumes will be washed at SOA by the dance faculty.

Thank you for all your support this year and we can’t wait to see you at the performance. If you have any further questions please contact your child’s dance teacher.

Thank you!

The SOA Dance Faculty

Linda Cline, Kristin Tillotson, & Leslie Jones