Community Sponsorships are Ongoing

Please help us in asking businesses in your community to support the SOA Dance department for the new school year. Many companies are anxious to support the arts in Charleston, and this is a tax-deductible way to do it. Sales of sponsorships can also earns you credit on your annual fees!

Sell $500 or more, receive $75 credit towards your annual fees. 

Sell $1000 or more, receive $150 credit towards your annual fees.

If you have already paid your annual fee the respective sponsorship credit will be refunded to you. Also, if asked, the deadline for submitting sponsor artwork for the first performance program is October 27th. Once you submit the paperwork for a sponsor we take it from there.  You do not need to follow through with their ad design.

Please note this can be handled all electronically, or in person, whatever works best for you and your community partners. Download and email the attachments to businesses in your contact list. Take copies with you when you visit some of our local retailers and service providers. If you have a business that would like an invoice that they can pay online we can do that – no need for them to write a check. Let me know if someone would like to do that and I will be happy to handle it.