SOA Showcase, 4/6 Mandatory

Students will remain after school in the studios where there is supervision. Students may study, read, or write. There will be food trucks where students can purchase dinner before the performances begin. Send money for the food trucks with your student. You may also send you student to school with dinner. The schedule for the dance studio is below:

5:00-5:30 MS warm up led by dancecaptains, and improvisation
5:30-6:00 MS students perform dances 6 th , 7 th , 8 th (MS students may leave afterwards only if their parentcomes to the studio to sign themout)

6:00-6:30 HS warm up led by HS dance captains, and improvisation

9th , 10th , 11th 6:30-7:00 HS students perform dances 9 th , 10 th , 11 th (HS students will leave as their ride is waiting at 7)

High School call is 5:30 in the dance studio.